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How would you like to meet with the “CIELO FLATS” project right now, in order to step into a peaceful and comfortable life where you will feel like you are on holiday for four seasons of the year?

The project aims to offer spacious living spaces in every square meter; offers apartments consisting of studio, 1 + 1, 2 + 1 and 1 + 1 penthouse options to you, our esteemed customers

CIELO FLATS, which is among the social projects of the region, awaits its homeowners with its outdoor swimming pool, children’s swimming pool, playgrounds and activity areas for children, hairdresser, beauty salon, market, cleaning service, barbecue and picnic areas

Project offers outdoor sports fields, tennis courts and many other activities for those who love sports in the fresh air. Being close to many shopping malls which increases the region’s value also provides an advantage for those who plan to buy housing for investment purposes

CIELO FLATS, which has easy access to the city center due to its location deserves to be an attractive investment alternative for homeowners in meeting primary needs such as banks, cafes-bars, schools and hospitals

CIELO FLATS has a restaurant and a supermarket and also provides 10-minute access to the sea, is to have a comfortable, peaceful and calm family life

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